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    Dynamic Text Limits

    W_Bell Level 1
      I would like to group my mc_Buttons to make things easier to work with but once I do that I can't seem to target the path that they send to the dynamic textFeilds.

      The mc_Buttons contain 3 frames, the third which contains the code:
      _root.Path1.Path2.text = "myTextStringHere";

      The dynamic textFeild is nested one deep in another mc_object and it worked fine until I grouped the mc_Buttons.
      Now it seems the dnamic text from the mc_Buttons can not find it's target path. I am not sure why it would matter
      if using _root.Path1.Path2.text = "myTextStringHere";

      My thought is that it can only go back a ertain amount of time in the hiarcy of the total path.
      Has anybody come across this problem?


      W Bell