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    Lightroom NOT exporting lens correction adjustments to Photoshop -- other adjustments missing also, all software up to date, 9.3 ACR


      Images I process in lightroom are not properly exporting to Photoshop, most specifically the lens correction for my 16-35 f/4, which was updated with a v.2, is not exporting with the image, nor are other settings.


      When I tested I found some settings to open in PS, specifically if I make an image b/w in LR it transfers to PS in b/w.


      I did some digging and found this to be an issue that's occured in the past, mostly related to a plug-in called Nik which I do not use.


      The only work around I found has been opening the image in CS6 (instead of CC) and working it from there with an older version of ACR.


      I'm running ACR 9.3, PS CC 2015, LR CC 2015.


      Please advise!


      PS. this describes my problem also, from a past thread years ago..


      2. Re: Why is LR not asking if I want to edit the original or a copy with LR adjustments?

      Jeroen Les

      I've got exactly the same problem.

      Instead of exporting the corrected RAW image as TIFF to Photoshop CC,

      Lightroom ignores the preferences and keeps sending this uncorrected RAW file to Photoshop.

      I set my preferences to edit a picture in PS CC as


      Pro Photo rgb




      I just did the 'reset all warning dialogues' thing but nothing changed and i didn't even get the dialogue about sending a copy.