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    A Mirage stays on one area during a moving video from using clone stamp


      I'm attempting to use the clone stamp on this video of me as "The Mask."  As I move you can see on the left that my hair sticks out of the back of the mask.  So the image on the right shows after I've cloned to hide my hair.

      test 1.jpg


      I'm willing to do this frame by frame and all.  But as my character is moving in the video, this happens.  There is some king of mosaic mirage staying on this area of the video.  Comp 2_8.avi_snapshot_00.05_[2016.01.03_20.34.03].jpgYou see it covering over my hand, face, and chest?  It's like an oily thumb print on glassComp 2_8.avi_snapshot_00.08_[2016.01.03_20.42.41].jpgI intend to do clone to hide my hair as I'm moving along this wall being sneaky in character.  But how do I fix the mirage problem?   Please, I need assistance, I'm using Adobe CS6