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    How to 'Find Fonts' ?


      Every Paragraph Style I am using seems to be coming up with 'Missing Font'. I know these fonts are in the same file as the images that are linked to this document, so surely Indesign should be automatically linking the fonts too ??

      The Paragraph Styles have been used by the previous person who had created the Indesign documents, I have simply opened the document for editing, even on the the same desktop ... ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED !!

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          Javed_ali Adobe Employee



          InDesign has this feature of Document Fonts. Follow the following steps:

          1. Close the file that you are working on.

          2. Copy all the fonts from the folder where these fonts exist and paste them into a folder named "Document Fonts".

          3. Place this folder right next to the InDesign file which you are trying to open.

          4. Open that file.

          Now all the fonts in the Document Fonts folder would be available for any document lying along with this folder. These fonts would be available right at the top in the Font Menu.




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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Fonts must either be installed on your system, or located in a "Document fonts" folder in the same folder as the .indd file. In addition, the fonts must be a format recognized by both InDesign and your OS -- which mean either OpenType or Windows TrueType if working cross platform. Macintosh-format fonts are not usable on Windows.

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              jessicac0916 Level 1

              Thank You Javed,


              I have already done this, that is why I am slightly confused. I would have presumed the document would of linked up with the fonts with them being in the same folder.

              I am guessing that these fonts are not installed (as it is giving me the option to install them ) unfortunately the IT guy, who needs to give permission for me to install these is not in today, so at the moment i cannot rule out that the fonts are/are not installed.

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                jessicac0916 Level 1

                Thanks Peter Spier

                Would you think that the New windows update would have an impact on these fonts being installed on my desktop?


                I am just confused as this document was created on the same desktop I am using, so surely if it has been created the fonts should be there and be recognized on this document ?

                ( And as stated I have already put the document fonts within the same folder as the Indesign file so i would have presumed they would automatically link up ) ?

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  It's possible there's some problem related to the update. See Replace Your Preferences  and Remove minor corruption by exporting


                  Also, fonts loos in the same folder as the .indd file will not work. They MUST be either installed on the OS (did you try that?), placed into the private Fonts folder in the InDesign Application folder (where they will be accessible to InDesign only) or into the Adobe common Fonts folder (accessible to all Adobe applications) or in a folder specifically named Document Fonts in the same folder as the .indd file with which you wish to use them.

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                    jessicac0916 Level 1

                    Peter Spier


                    The document fonts are not loose, they are in a separate folder; named document fonts, but in the same folder as the Indesign document.


                    Hope I do not sound too daft but I do not understand what you mean when you say 'installed on the OS' ?

                    I will have a look into the links you have provided.


                    Your help is much appreciated!

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      The document fonts folder is for fonts that you don't have your own license to use, but you need for editing or output of the file with which the fonts folder is associated. They will not work with new files, for example. Typically this happens when someone else sends you a "packaged" file and is not something you would be doing yourself.


                      If you have a license to use the fonts, install them on the OS by right-clicking on the font and choosing Install.

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                        jessicac0916 Level 1

                        I think this is where I am hitting the problem, I need permission from the IT Guy who is not in today to install them.

                        Am I correct in thinking that the option to install would not be there if they where already installed ?

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          no, but Windows would tell you they were already installed when you try to do it a second time.

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                            jessicac0916 Level 1

                            Ok Thank You Peter Spier. I will get the permission tomorrow and see where that leaves me!