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    Masking for certain rotobrush area


      Hello guys, can you please help me by telling me how can I create (simulate) glow of the candle on the the hand and thumbs which put out the fire of candle? I did rotobrush of hand but  I dont know how do I have to combine different layer blends to achieve the look ...

      Please how would you approach this problem?


      Link to problematic footage:

      Dropbox - Sequence.mov




      Sending pictures of my composition and different layers i hope that will help you. If you will need any more informatiom just tell me ...


      Raw Comp

      Raw comp.jpg

      Comp with added layers

      Edited comp.jpg

      Different layers


      Hand that needs to be rotobrushed (i didnt add roto yet because i want to know how will I make hand glow with mask)


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is an old tutorial, but the techniques are the same: VIDEO COPILOT | Simulated lighting

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            I'll just paste in the reply I made on the Creative COW:


            I have to ask myself -- why was this not shot with the hand extinguishing the flame in the first place? It could have been done easily. It may have taken a few takes, but you would have had the job done. All because someone didn't want to have to say "ouch" from the heat, which could have been easily solved with a moistened finger and thumb.


            Now you have to re-create the thumb to put it in front of the candle flame and re-create the snuffed-out candle and wick, with a little stream of smoke rising from the top. Not to mention the almost-irrelevant influence of a candle flame on a scene shot in daylight... which was the original problem you mentioned.


            Which sounds easier -- hour after hour after hour of painstaking After Effects work, or a re-shoot to do it the right way?

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              jacobo_friso Level 1

              Thank you Dave for your advice and I will apply it next time shooting, but I dont think we have to reshoot whole scene again, I personaly have just the problem with simulating the light of candle and other things that you mentioned that have to be added (wick, flame, smoke) I have already added. Do you think we did that "we will fix that in post" mistake?

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                Yes, I think you counted on fixing it in post before you even knew if it could be fixed easily in post.  When experienced people get effects shots, they KNOW they will work -- they have either run tests to confirm they will work, or they have done them before.  They don't get shots hoping they will work.  They have proven to themselves they will work.

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                  jacobo_friso Level 1

                  Yes, you are completely right Dave the shooting was far from professional but I knew I want this action to be done in post and I knew it is possíble to make it happen in after effects I just ran into a problem with this hand and glow of a candle, but I know what you mean and I am very thankful for your advice. i will post here the final shot and what I did pull off from it in AE