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    Lightroom CC/6.3 slows down with use


      Hello all,


      I have searched the forum and read many responses and tried any number of suggested solutions and am nearing my wit's end. My voice can be added to the chorus of "Lightroom CC runs miserably slow". For me in the past few days the specific problem has been that after about 10-15 minutes of use LR slows down and becomes unstable, necessitating a Windows "End Task" command. This just now happened as I was working in the Library module, re-keywording inside a collection containing about 500 photos. Selecting about 20 photos and  removing them from the collection brought LR to its knees. Other operations that cause slowdowns are publish and export actions. But even while selecting 3 or 4 photos in order to apply keywords there's a second or two delay before a photo is selected even when I've just started LR - and the longer LR is open, the slower it gets. It is AGONIZING!!!


      So here are the facts about my system:

      Lightroom version: CC 2015.3 [ 1052427 ]

      Operating system: Windows 10

      System architecture: x64

      Logical processor count: 4

      Processor speed: 3,4 GHz (i5)

      Built-in memory: 12173,8 MB

      Real memory available to Lightroom: 12173,8 MB

      Real memory used by Lightroom: 898,3 MB (7,3%)

      Memory cache size: 0,0 MB

      Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 4

      Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2,AVX

      System DPI setting: 96 DPI

      Desktop composition enabled: Yes

      Displays: 1) 1920x1200, 2) 1680x1050

      Graphics Processor Info: AMD Radeon HD 7700

      Check OpenGL support: Passed

      Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.

      Version: 3.3.13416 Core Profile Context 15.300.1025.1001

      Renderer: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series


      • My boot drive is an SSD as well as the drive on which Lightroom and the catalog are installed
      • The LR SSD has ample free space (over 170GB)
      • My main catalog contains about 43000 photos and the file size of the catalog is 1.4GB
      • All of my photos are on an internal 2-HD Raid array (with plenty of free space)
      • I have optimized my catalog (several times!)
      • I have deleted the preview.lrdata folder and rebuilt it
      • Turning on/off GPU support has no effect
      • The virus scanner does not scan the photos or Lightroom drives
      • None of my catalog photo locations are in folders accessed by Microsoft OneDrive or other sync services
      • My LR cache size is set to 40GB


      Now I know I don't have the newest graphic card or speediest system but I know that under Windows 8/LR 5.x I was not having these severe problems. And I am not talking about the Develop module - my problems are mostly in the Library module in what one would think are simple operations: scrolling, selecting and keywording.


      If there is something I have overlooked I would happy for any tips. Mostly I just want Adobe to read this and know that there is one more unsatisfied customer out there who is just dying for the program to be fixed.


      Cheers, Sara