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    chart axis titles getting chopped off

    Cr99 Level 1
      I am adding a chart to a panel via Actionscript but having problems getting it to display properly. I have a slider which controls it's width which by default is 14*50 = 700. But the chart which I add is usually not as wide. So I have been setting genericChart.percentWidth to 100, but if I do so, the right axis title (it is a multiple axis chart) gets chopped off. If I set percentWidth to a value less than 100, then if I move the slider and change the width, the gap between the title and the right side of the panel changes and it looks terrible and it can also get chopped off. And for some reason, the font size on the axis tic labels also shrinks. It's all very odd. How come 100% width doesn't work? How can I get around this?