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    Lightroom 4.4.1 and Nikon D610 NEF images


      Ok, I've been using Lightroom for years now with my Pentax and DNG format RAW files. Quite recently I have made the move to Nikon D610 and the RAW photos using the NEF format from the Nikon camera are terrible. Resolution is poor, colors are washed out, contrast is not good and I am unable to tweek and come to acceptable results with LR version 4.4.1. Just to check that the camera/lens setup is not off, I installed the latest Nikon NX-D software and my socks are blown off by the quality of the same images that look like crap using LR4. So what gives here? Would upgrading to LR6 be any better or am I just better off to learn to use the Nikon NX-D software and write it off as Nikon and Adobe just don't play all that well together?