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    acrobat standard DC - signature timestamp not showing


      Acrobat Standard DC

      I created a self-signed digital ID, registered the Digital ID for use with Acrobat, then set the appearance to include the Name and Date.

      I open the PDF file, go to Tools, then Sign.


      I click the Sign icon, select my name, then click on the PDF where I want the signature to appear.


      The signature is successfully placed, but it only says "John Doe". The additional text info is missing, i.e.

      Digitally signed by John Doe

      cn=John Doe


      Date: 2016.1.12 15:27




      Acrobat X

      I open the same PDF

      Tools, Sign & Certify, Place Signature, draw box

      The Sign Document window appears, I select John Doe in Sign As box, enter password and click Sign

      Both the name and all additional text info is successfully displayed.




      How do I sign a document using Standard DC, and get it to show all the additional text, like Acrobat X does?