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    Fujifilm RAF import fail using LR CC


      Hi Guys,

      I am using Adobe Lightroom CC (from the About menu, version 6.3 and Camera Raw ver 9.3).  I tried to import Fujifilm raw files taken using an X-Pro1 and got the following message.

      The following files were not imported because they could not be read. (1)



      I can still see the previews of the images prior to import.

      I have been using LR CC since July 2015 and this is the first time I encountered this problem.  I haven't used LR since end of November, and I don't have an 'active' internet connection when I tried importing the files.  By 'active' I mean without firewall, I think there is a firewall blocking the Adobe CC app dashboard from connecting to the server.

      Does LRCC issue the error above if I don't have an active internet connection?

      What other situations does this happen and any suggestions how I can fix this?