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    ADE 4.5 is AWFUL!!!!!  Please help us!


      OMG what happened to ADE4.5?!  I can install, but it won't come up with any bookshelves, it won't recognize any of my .ascm files so I have to manually open them in there and I can't transfer a book from my non-existent bookshelf to my Nook.

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          Nanaky Level 5

          Closed Digital Edition.
          Rename the Folder My Digital Edition Folder under your Documents.

          Then open Digital Edition and try again.


          If can not open ASCM its a problem with default programs of you Operating System. Check the help of this to found the info how can set default program for the files types.


          What happens when try to move the files to the ebook reader?

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            Melody123 Level 1

            I tried renaming the file,  but it still didn't work.  Then when i went to

            uninstall again, i had to go file by file to ensure i got everything.


            When I reinstalled AFTER deleting EVERYTHING to do with Adobe (including my

            downloaded books), it was the way it was supposed to be.


            Since I uninstalled/reinstalled several times before,  i thought Adobe

            might have sent a patch or something.


            Hopefully everything stays this way!


            Good luck guys!