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    Import from Aperture; stop checking library


      OS 10.11.2, Lightroom 6 CC2015


      I have a very large Aperture library.  I am selectively exporting some of my projects to smaller libraries for import into Lightroom. When I start an import in Lightroom, it immediately begins checking the file status of the main Aperture library.  This takes several minutes of waiting. Then I have to select the smaller exported library, and Lightroom then checks this file, several more minutes. Is there a way to interrupt or prevent this file checking until I actually select the library to be  imported? It really is a PTA to sit and wait every time I want to import.


      Second question: Is there a way to set the default destination for imported images? The import dialog always wants to put them in my Pictures folder on the system drive, not in the default masters folder on a different drive.


      Many thanks,


         Russ Carlson

         Bear,  DE  USA