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    I've lost my head


      I am new in Charecter Animator, and just trying to see if it might work for an upcoming project. I created a puppet in photoshop using the stock puppet Ramirez as a template. It inports to Ch OK, but when I put it into the timeline and open it in the scene it has no head. I have checked to see if all layers are turned on. What am I missing here? (besides my head)

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          Scott Evans (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hey there - would you mind posting your .psd here? Or you can send me a PM with a Dropbox/etc link if you prefer. Thanks!

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            kens30262457 Level 1

            I figured out that problem, at this time I am 4 more problems down the road.



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              Scott Evans (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Hah! Sorry for being slow. Feel free to ask away and we'll try to answer faster!

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                I've just the same trouble. Is there any solution meanwhile?

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                  petras78366943 Level 1

                  It seems that the head appears only by pressing one keyboard trigger, althouh 'Front' should be triggered by looling straight at the camera.

                  My workaround: I removed shortcut (number key) '4' for the 'Right Quarter'. It doesn't work when I remove '3' for 'Front'.

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                    kens30262457 Level 1

                    Yes the original problem I was having had to do with the keystrokes linked to the head positions. I worked my way through it but it was not fluid.

                    What I found:

                    If I always kept a finger on a key (1-5) the head remained visible.

                    If I pushed the alt key while holding the 3 (normal head position) it would usually lock into that position and I could then release the 3 key without the head disappearing.

                    Often times a mouse click for another operation (ie. to move a dragable) would cause that alt lock to release.

                    Because the program is under development I am always wondering if I am doing something wrong or if these are just issues that need to me worked out.

                    The other issue I had was getting the lip movements to work in any mode but straight forward, an issue I never did solve. I have a theory that the "synch lips to audio" process may only apply to the top head position, and that by moving them and creating a lip synch layer in every head position you would have the option of transitioning between them. However I have not had time to test that theory.

                    I would like to see a tutorial dedicated to this subject.

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                      oksamurai Employee Moderator

                      Hey, kudos for digging into this - it's currently pretty complex. This will be way easier in the next version (we hope, working on it now!).


                      TL;DR: Add Head Tracker behavior to Puppet. Add Lip Sync and Face behaviors to left profile, left quarter, right quarter, and right profile.


                      For head turning to work correctly, you currently have to add the "Head Turner" behavior. So check out the example project for Ramirez (from here). If you take a look at the puppet in that project, select the top level puppet (top of the list, shows a puppet icon + "Ramirez"), and notice he has something special on the right behaviors: Head Turner. So for any character you want this to happen to, you have to click the + button next to Behaviors to add Head Turner.


                      Doing that will enable the puppet's head to turn with your head in the camera. But with Ramirez, if you disarm Head Turner (click the red dot next to it in the properties panel when he's placed in a scene), you'll be able to control him with just the keyboard triggers (and no disappearing head).


                      For the face only working in one view - again, something that will be easier in the future, but for now: in the puppet panel, select each head group of Ramirez (front, left profile, etc.) and notice that each one has its own "Face" and "Lip Sync" behaviors. Only "Front" gets these by default, so you will need to select all the other views (you can do all 4 at once), then use the + in Behaviors to add those two to each other view.


                      Hope that helps!