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    RE: Complete newbie to PE14 from Sony Vegas – not impressed !


      I have just installed PE14 on my machine and guess what the first thing I want to see ?  yip – the output and layout of my workspace.


      I must say – Sony Vegas has a ‘monitor icon’ you press and voila the 2nd screen outputs your playback, just like that .


      Surely Adobe – this is possible? By that I mean – one monitor showing full screen the video I am working on and the playback tools on the other screen ?


      So far I have spent around and hour on Adobe sites, You Tube etc etc. I am not impressed because I feel such a basic tool should not be so hidden. I found the Dual Screen tool in expert mode but that moves the playback controls with the playback screen.


      Any input appreciated.

      Sorry sounds grouchy but this is frustrating and last thing I want to be doing just to get started.


      Best regards