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    LR Catalog on USB 3 flash drive??


      Having been disappointed to realise that ironically LR CC will not afford me the same level of access on my laptop to synced folder from my desktop that I can now get on an iphone or ipad, I've been looking at some older methods described for moving between the two.


      While some of the dropbox-based methods are appealing, a lack of adequate broadband rules these out for now


      I'm also not keen to lug around a portable harddrive with everything on it


      However I've just invested in a Sandisk Ultra Fit 3.0 128GB flash drive, which is tiny. It claims t/f speed of 'up to'130mb/s (is this enough?


      Anyhow, I wondered if anyone has experience of using this type of setup (storing catalog, previews and smart previews on the USB drive), and keeping the master files on a hardrive attached to the desktop.


      I could set then swap the USB flash drive between computers with relative ease, and setup each to backup locally on closing LR as insurance against losing flash drive


      I could either sync the flashdrive Lightroom Folder with the active catalog/previews folder on each computer before and after using LR OR point LR to the flashdrive as its primary catalog...not sure which would be better


      My total library is about 500-600GB at present with the previews/catalog adding up about a further 28GB (I've few smart previews currently...I suppose this could generate another 20-30GB if I go down this route)


      Any ideas if this would be feasible...or alternative suggestions if not?