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    Photo quality with Lightroom Mobile


      I have Lightroom CC on my Mac and it was "stuck" all day yesterday. I have an iPad Air that had Lightroom Mobile until I deleted it today. I have a Sony A6000 camera with Wi-Fi that I shoot everything in RAW.

      While on vacation, I uploaded pictures from my camera to the iPad using the Sony PlayMemories app. The pics went into Photos and then I pulled them into Lightroom Mobile so I could start working on them. When I got home, I found the synced photos in Lightroom CC on my Mac, but they were all JPG files now and pretty small compared to the RAW files. Now everything is running really slowly on the desktop so I finally decided to start over, delete all the pictures from the vacation file and reload the RAW files by connecting my Sony A6000 to the computer. Now Lightroom CC comes to a standstill with no message telling me it is doing something or just frozen. So this morning, I removed Lightroom CC from the Mac as well as Mobile from the iPad. I reinstalled CC but haven't redone Mobile. After uploading all my vacation pictures using a card reader instead of the camera, it seems to be working normally.

      So the questions:

      1. Is there a way to keep the Lightroom Mobile editing I do on pictures on the iPad but maintain the quality of the RAW files?

      2. Is there a known problem using the Sony PlayMemories App and Lightroom Mobile or CC?

      3. How can I tell when LR is doing something in the background or just frozen - the EHD wasn't flashing?


      Thanks for any help.


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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. No way that I know off. The way some people work is to work on the jpegs in mobile, sync those to the desktop and there also download the raw files. Then you can use a third-party plugin such as syncomatic (google will find it) that can sync settings between different files based on capture time. However, you can't ingest raw files into mobile directly so the real workflow people really want (be able to leave the laptop at home and do everything on a iPad/Android tablet using LR/mobile will not work yet.

          2. Never heard of any but I can't imagine anything but image ingestion using native tools working well. It is extremely rare that a camera manufacturer's software is well written. In fact I've never seen anything from Canon, Nikon, or Sony that wasn't terribly done. I would always take in the images directly from the card as none of the wifi solutions are useful (except maybe the eye-fi stuff). Camera makers really haven't gotten this yet and Lightroom mobile isn't there yet either.

          3. There should be a progress indicator near the Lightroom (or your logo) in the left top. There are also hidden activities that you can see in the disclosure triangle just to the right of your name.