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    can't run catalog


      Hi everyones,


      I can't run my Lightroom 6 from few days. I've tried to reinstall it, change security parameter from Windows 10, start as admin... in facts all the tips gave by adobe to solve such issue.


      If I don't run it as admin and create a new catalog, it tells me that the catalog file is not on correct format and propose to update it... create a new one (catalog 2, then 3, then 4, etc. ) and again and again.


      If i try to run my usual catalog... nothing happen. Actually, I see the process starts in task manager but it stops immediately. Same if I create a new catalog as admin.


      If someone ever get such a issue and find any solution, I'd be glad to know it !


      Thanks by advance

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Yann_tyb,


          Could you please create a new catalog and keep it on the desktop and check if you are able to run it properly or not.

          May I know the location of your main catalog?

          Do you have recent backup of the catalog ?




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            Yann_Tyb Level 1

            Hi Sarika,


            Thank you for your answer.


            I've tryed to create a new catalog on my destop without any sucess. I've also try new catalogs on system hard drive or some other places but it's the same : nothing happen.


            My main catalog is on a second hard drive (not the system one) which is not external.


            I've try to open several back up from the last of decembre the 13th until few month ago... no result


            The only change is that Lightroom doesn't try anymore to update calatogs. It only do...nothing (flash start in task manager and close instantly).




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              sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)
              Could you please try the below steps as that might help:
              • Rename the SLCache folder to SLCacheold, present at the following location:    Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe    Mac: System Library/Application Support/Adobe


              • Rename SLStore folder toSLStoreold, present at following location:    Windows: C:\ProgramData\Adobe    Mac: System Library/Application Support/Adobe
              • Launch Lightroom and check if it helps.


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                Yann_Tyb Level 1

                Thanks, but it was already done before. I've just try again but same as before : Lightroom recreates these folders and... nothing


                I've done it disconnacted from adobe creative cloud and connected.


                By the way, I have the lifetime licence version of lightroom 6, not lighroom CC. I do not not if it matters or not.




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                  Yann_Tyb Level 1

                  I've just reinstall my system... install Lightroom and update it. It doen't work !


                  Could it come from my adobe account or something like it ? I do not understand !


                  I've paid for a software which works, not to spend my time to try to make it works