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    User-Defined Job Options Gone!

    CyberAmazon54 Level 1

      Updated to Windows 10 and Adobe CC 2016. I have previously defined print settings for InDesign, but when I tried to print from an file today, none of my personal print settings are showing in the choices. As a matter of fact, the only choice I have now is "Default". What happened to my job options? Where did they go?


      On a separate issue, but just saying... I was struggling to keep a book open in InDesign. Each time I open a document from within my book, the book itself disappears. Okay, so I found that the "solution" to this problem is to not snap my book in with the other panels that appear (in a single row) to the left of my environment. Glad I can still keep track of my book, but leaving it floating just takes up valuable workspace. Why am I mentioning this here? Because it seems that Adobe CC is having some definite problems across the board... either that, or I am ignorant of the tweaks that have made functionality now in the Adobe suite of apps react somehow differently than what is expected. Sweet. NOT!


      I'm seeing many people post comments that they are having to backload to their previous app version just to keep working, because Adobe CC is acting so squirrelly. Now this... what happened to all of my job options? And am I the only one working in this business who sees this as a colossal waste of time to have to continually be duplicating effort just to work in this suite of apps now?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, there is not yet CC 2016. The current version is CC 2015.2


          I think by print settings, you mean Print Presets. Those presets are stored in your InDesign preferences. To save them you would have to have saved them with the Save Preset button. Then they could be imported.


          If you still have a previous version of InDesign CC still on your computer (CC or CC 2014), you may be able to import those settings with the Edit > Migrate Previous Local Settings command.

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            CyberAmazon54 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply, Steve. Yes. Yes. You have just described what I had already done, and THIS is what I am trying to find out. How is it that I have already spent the time to transfer my personal... let me make sure that I phrase this correctly for complete understanding... Print Presets from my previous version of InDesign to the current Cloud version (sorry for the confusion over versions... all apps I use are going under the Cloud and I think it is MS Office that calls it 2016... but we split hairs) and I come back from a holiday break and these self-defined Print Presets are just GONE?!?!


            So... sadly... your reply is no help.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              They would disappear if the prefs were reset for some reason (and that can happen with a major version update). You should really get into the haboit of backing up a good set of prefs, or at the very least all the presets that would be lost in the eventuality the prefs need to be replaced. This is discussed in more detail at Replace Your Preferences

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                CyberAmazon54 Level 1

                Thank you, Peter, for shedding light on what has happened! I was having difficulty keeping a book "visible" in InDesign (I always dock my book into the panel on the left-hand side of the window and each time I would try to open a file from within it, it would just disappear. Turns out that happens if you dock the book into that panel. So don't dock the book... now it is taking up valuable real estate in my work area, but at least I can still access it while I work.)


                I posted to the community this issue over the book and was given detailed instructions on how to "trash" my Preferences. I did that. The book docked and stayed for about a day and now it is doing it again! BUT... now I know what happened to my Print Presets!!


                Thank you also for the link to get more information on how to better manage my preferences.