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    Lightroom Mobile syncing problem - Desktop and laptop


      I am trying to use Lightroom Mobile to sync files between my desktop and my laptop. At first I was having sync errors when I tried to sync photos in a collection. I then did the following:


      1. Lightroom desktop preferences>Lightroom Mobile>”Delete All Data”
      2. Stop Lightroom desktop and delete the sync.lrdata folder


      I was finally able to sync the photos on my desktop.  When I log into Lightroom Mobile on my laptop it gives me the message about using one catalog at a time. Asking if I want to delete and use the current catalog or not to delete. No matter what I choose, once it says synced none of the collections or photos show up in my collections on my laptop. BUT if I choose to delete the catalog then my connection on my desktop gets severed and I no longer can sync on my desktop. I then have to go through the entire process listed above in order to sync again.


      Maybe I do not understand exactly how this is supposed to work. I assume that once one computer syncs a collection successfully then once another computer/mobile device syncs with the same account credentials then the collection would show up in the new devices collection list? Is this correct? Or am I missing something here?  Do I have to somehow share the photos or something?