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    Importing from an external hardrive without multiples and into new folders

    gemmastar Level 1

      Hi LR Forum


      I am new to Lightroom and this is my first post here.


      I have just purchased a new laptop and would like to import my photographs from an external hard drive onto my new laptop. The external hard drive is unfortunately a real mess.  My old laptop died and the data on the backup disks that I had at the time was damaged - the current external hard drive contains an amalgamation of data I was able to still access / recover from a few different backup disks. As a result the current external hard drive contains multiple copies of many of the photographs and some photos in wrongly named folders which were corrupted. Almost 1TB worth of data because of all the duplicates.


      I am trying to work out what is the best way to import all of these photos into lightroom and the hard drive on my laptop without any duplicates and to reorganise them into sensible folders.  I think lightroom now automatically will not import duplicate photographs, is that correct?  Is it possible to import photographs from the external hard drive and have lightroom organise them into folders on my laptop hard drive organised by date (as it has done with some photos I have directly imported from a camera card)?  Or do I need to transfer all of the photographs from the external hard drive onto the laptop hard drive first and then import into lightroom?  Or can I import all of the images from the external hard drive into lightroom and then export the entire collection onto the laptop hard drive (to save me from storing duplicate images on my laptop hard drive)? I have 1TB of storage space on my laptop.


      I would really appreciate any help anyone can provide :-)