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    Learning Curve was real easy coming over from Apple Aperture, except for one item

    greg14 Level 1

      I have had no problem in the change over, in fact there are a lot more adjustments then in Aperture that I really like.

      The Spot Removal in LR is very difficult to control.


      If anyone out there has used Aperture I believe you will understand what I mean.
      In Aperture the first step is to get the Source and they you can apply that Area to the repair area for either Heal or Clone.


      In LR it is opposite and LR decides what area to choose as the Source.
      When you want a small spot and are working in a small area it is next to impossible for me to control the adjustment.

      As an example :
      If you do a high magnification 4:1 or 8:1 and want to increase the area of the whites in the eyes, the program picks a area of skin not the white area as a fill in.
      With the magnification I find it is impossible to control the source.


      I hope I am just not understanding the process and I cannot find such a small area example in a you tube video.

      If someone can direct me to a link or video or has some advice on a change to the adjustment procedure, that would be great.