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    Film Loop Bug when Moving Cast Members

    Level 7
      I've discovered a rather annoying bug regarding Film Loops - if you create a
      FL, and then move any of the cast members involved to a different number in
      the cast, (or into another cast), it totally wrecks the FL and forces you to
      recreate it from scratch. Even worse is if you then load a new graphic into
      the same slot the member used to be in. I consider this a bug, because
      moving cast members around within a cast will automatically update any of
      that member placed into the score anywhere, but it does NOT update cast
      members used in FLs. Bug exists in MX04, and every version prior I'd
      imagine. Not sure if it's been fixed in D11? At any rate, does anyone know
      of an easy way to A.) prevent this from happening, or B.) fix it when it
      does? And don't say "A.) Don't move cast members around and B.) Recreate it
      from scratch." Those aren't what I call acceptable solutions. I like to
      have related cast members together to make them easier to find, and
      sometimes I have to move them around to keep them organized. I shouldn't
      have to recreate all my FLs every time I do so.

      (I don't use List-view in the cast most of the time, I prefer to have the
      thumbnails so I can quickly see where things are. I make an exception for
      casts filled only with text/field members, because that causes major
      slowdowns as the text members all have refresh their thumbnails whenever you
      do anything for some reason, but with graphics, the thumbnails are just to
      helpful to not use.)