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    Impossible to join 2 simple lines.


      Hi! I like using flash for designing some projects, because I like the magnetic tool snap to objects, and also like working with graphic symbols and layers.  But recently have been fighting with a non sense problem that is not permitting me being precise and accurate while drawing and merging or joining lines, I think that this is because I am using too much zoom (even 1500%), but does that mean that accuracy is not welcome in adobe flash CC? (2014.2 release)


      Please see the next picture, it seems like under these circumstances, is impossible to line that red line with the black one. Its like it simple will not be aligned, no matter if I deactivate magnetic tool. Please note where I put the gravity center, I need it there because need to angle align that red line, so both black lines can be linked (red line should close the circuit). I have been using flash for years, never tried this accuracy level. Any help?