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    Unusual issue with LR 5 Develop module - not all the window is selectable to zoom in, only the right and the bottom of the screen window


      Have searched but to no avail.


      I'm developing images within the Develop module and must have switched something, I could not zoom in or 'right click' (I'm on a MBP) in the developer window to add colour annotations. Very frustrating.


      I realised that the right hand portion of the developer window, and the lowest part of the horizontal were selectable, but it makes cropping and zooming a real pain.


      I'm certain that there is a switch or some other config within LR to make all the develop window selectable, there are 'handles' at the zone between non and selectable when you hover close, but they don't appear to be movable.


      The dev module is set to FIT BTW.