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    Popup Menu


      I have a made a popup menu on the stage. What I want is when a user clicks the "Home" button it will then show another content of movie clip within that stage without going to another scene. Then if the user clicks the "Photo" button then it will unload the movie clip(home) and show the content of the movie clip(photo) into the stage. Now how do we do this on Flash professional 8?

      Is there a tutorial regarding this? If there is a tutorial, could you please share the link. Thanks.
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          criticalx2 Level 1
          I know this might sound stupid but I'm really new to flash 8. I know how write scripts for the button to go to a URL, but I want the link to open up just within the .swf file. So please help. Thanks in advance.
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            I am not exactly sure that I understand what you are trying to do, but I think if you search on the net for "loadMovie" or "loadMovieNum" tutorials then you it should get you heading the right direction.