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    Changing country - and not losing all my behance uploads.

    set solid

      I have no current subscriptions, but have had an Adobe ID for years. It was registered when I lived in London, I now live in Australia.


      I am signed into behance.net (with that ID) and have spent quite some time uploading content to the site, now that Adobe Portfolio™ is live I want to transition to that product - needing to subscribe to Adobe Cloud - but the payment information thinks that I am still in the UK and can't be changed.


      I called support in the UK, and was extremely frustrated. The customer service lady could not understand how I might be losing anything by deleting my existing ID as I have no subscriptions.

      (Its the work uploaded to behance.net that I don't want to lose).


      So I am more than aware that I can delete my account and register a new one in Australia. My understanding is that I will then NOT be able to log back in to my behance profile. Can someone please enlighten me?