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    white balance - changed in Develop module, not carried out in library module

    RobertSmits Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have something peculiar going on with my LR catalog.  I generally shoot all my images in RAW (.CR2 - canon 7D ("mk1")).  After importing, I did some work on the  photo's, amongst which, changing the White Balance of the pictures.  Whenever I am in the "develop"-module, the tint is as I set it to be, however, when hitting "E" - taking me to the "Library"-module (Loupe-view, not Grid-view), the Image remains at it is, but the tint moves completely to how I shot the image (I think), but it is very noticeable that the tint changes completely.


      Does anyone else encounter this issue? I saw it beginning of this weekend.  I even shut down my entire catalog, and relaunched it, tried to sign out from Adobe and sign in again, nothing seems to help.  My LR is updated and is at 2015-3 version, Camera Raw 9.3 as far as I can see.


      PS : this happens on different images, not only on one.

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