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    Working with an External Drive


      Hi Everyone,


      I have Lightroom5 on a MacBook Pro and I have an external drive (which is not attached most of the time). When I finish working on my images in Lightroom5 I attach the external drive and I want to move those Folders,Catalogues and Images to the external drive to free up space on my HD.


      The problem I have is that when this is done and I close down Lightroom and want to repeat this process on another day, Lightroom5 does not immediately know where the Folders,Catalogues and Images are when I reconnect the external drive. I spend a lot of time trying to see the external drive and the HD so I can move the next batch of Folders,Catalogues and Images. Is there an easy way to get LR to see the External Drive? I move everything in Lightroom so my expectation is that LR should know where everything is!!


      I am doing something wrong, is there a function in LR that I need to turn on?