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    Loading Edge Animate animation in Adobe Captivate?




      I have a complex animation made in Adobe Edge that will be imported as a .oam file for a lesson plan. This lesson plan will be generated in Adobe Captivate (latest version) by my client, who will insert the animation I've made.


      My concern is loading time for something complex.  It should probably be under 2 minutes. Ive included several sprite sheets for character walking sequences and will use a lot of .svg graphics since this needs to be scalable/responsive, and I would like it to look crisp. This lesson is 'internet-based', according to my client, suggesting that this lesson is not pre-loaded on their computers. I haven't used Captivate before so sorry if this sounds obvious.


      Do I need to have a pre-loader for a .oam file? Will the entire lesson (slides and all) for the Captivate file download at once, or will the slide with the animation be paused for a bit while the .oam file loads?


      Thanks for any input. This is my first time making an Edge Animate file for Captivate. I was proficient in Flash but this is a different set of challenges entirely, as I understand it.