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    Mouse scroll wheel in preview window of After Effects (most recent version) will only scroll one window when set in a two window view, regardless of where the mouse is hovered.

    Pattycakes Kaiju

      I have had numerous problems with After Effects since the last two updates, and after a full CC uninstall/reinstall, things are up and running. HOWEVER, After Effects seems to have lost the ability to use the  mouse wheel to zoom in on more than one preview window. I use 2 Views - Horizontal primarily and no matter the settings, window size, or mouse I use, After Effects will only zoom in on the left window. No matter where I hover the mouse cursor, it ONLY zooms in/out in the left most window. Is there a setting I'm missing? Some button I've clicked or setting I've accidentally unchecked?


      I use the Windows version of Creative Cloud.