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    Error when trying to create pdf from docx

    Giovanni Basso



      I have been using Acrobat DC to create pdfs from Microsoft Word documents (docx from Office 365) and it has been working fine, except for some documents I have recently created.


      When I try to create a new pdf (from inside Word, from inside Acrobat DC or from Windows Explorer), the creation process starts fine but, after sometime, the pdf creation progress popup simply disappears without saying anything. When creating via Windows Explorer (right click menu), I can at least see a message saying that the PDFMaker was not able to create the pdf file and that is all the info that I get.


      In the next couple of weeks, I need to create a few dozens of pdfs from docx files using the same Word template, so this is a big problem for me. There might be some type of incompatibility of PDFMaker with the type of Word document I am using. I actually created the template myself and it was working till a few days back. The template did evolve, but the PDFMaker stopped being able to convert the docx file into a pdf file.


      Can somebody from Adobe help? I can send the docx file for testing if needed.


      best regards,