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    Select another checkbox based on currently selected checkbox minus constant


      I have two forms in a single PDF that have many checkboxes.  I'm trying out how to have a checkbox on Form A minus a constant be selected when the user selects a given checkbox on Form B.  Because I'm working with a company form that can't be modified, I'm trying a workaround that will get me what I'm looking for.


      The checkbox names on the two forms are sequential and chronological


      For example


      Form B has following text fields and checkboxes

      fb.tf1     fb.cb1

      fb.tf2     fb.cb2

      fb.tf3     fb.cb3

      fb.tf4     fb.cb4

      fb.tf5     fb.cb5

      fb.tf6     fb.cb6

      fb.tf7     fb.cb7


      fb.tf35   fb.cb35

      Form A has the following checkboxes












      Step 1

      From just the first 7 text fields listed on Form B determine which text field is the first one with a value in it and create constant from that text field where

      If fb.tf1 selected then constant = 0,

      If fb.tf2 selected then constant = 1,


      If fb.tf7 selected then constant = 6,

      Step 2

      For each checkbox on Form B selected, select Form A checkbox - constant



      If first occupied text field on Form B = fb.cb3

      then constant = 2


      If fb.cb5 selected then select fa.cb3 (fb.cb5 - 2 = 3)


      If fb.cb9 selected then select fa.cb7 (fb.cb9 - 2 = 7)


      If fb.cb20 selected then select fa.cb18 (fb.cb20 - 2 = 18)



      If first occupied text field on Form B = fb.cb6

      then constant = 5


      If fb.cb9 selected then select fa.cb4 (fb.cb9 - 5 = 4)


      If fb.cb20 selected then select fa.cb15 (fb.cb20 - 5 = 15)


      If fb.cb27 selected then select fa.cb22 (fb.cb27 - 5 = 22)