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    Upcoming Skylake Mac Book Pro as only computer?

    jonathan+7007 Level 1

      Can I live with a Skylake high-end Mac Book Pro as my only computer for photo retouching and (LR) databasing?


      I am a windows user currently on Win7 with two machines: a self-built desktop running a tame Intel Ivy Bridge mobo (Intel 3770 processor and 32 Gigs RAM) plus a Sandy Bridge (2011) Win7 Lenovo w520 workstation laptop that has 24Gigs RAM and a discrete graphics card. Lots of swappable innards like hard drives etc.


      When Skylake makes it into shipping Mac Book Pros I may move back over to Mac. (Last used Macs in 1993.) I have enjoyed a faster desktop but the Apple All-in-One seems too light duty to me and the state of my photo business does not need the power of a Mac Pro. I do shoot tethered on location quite a bit.


      My Lightroom database has about 110,000 images, so not way up there. I do use Photoshop (CC) and a WACOM tablet.


      As I have looked into the current Apple gear the external monitor choices are not as nice as the all-in-one, but perhaps that will change by Spring 2016 (this year). I do read that a spring Mac Book Pro might have some new features/connectors so what options I have is a bit speculative. WACOM might not react quickly.


      But it would be great not to build another Windows machine and save that money and time. I lose the redundancy I have now, though.


      How many of my peers out there are using a Mac Book Pro for their only machine? are there some gotchas? Will I be able to drive a high-res monitor with good color?


      Boy, I wish they still made that 17-inch Mac Book Pro and could put in a high res screen.



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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi jonathan7007,



          Lightroom actually works quite nicely on a Mac machine, many users are actually using Apple machines for Lightroom and other Adobe applications.

          All you will need to do is to transfer your catalog and images to the Mac and install LR on the machine.

          Lightroom will read your catalog and in case it says images are missing that you can follow the following thread in order to get the images back into LR.


          You will also find lot of users with mixed reactions, check these links and see if they help




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            jonathan+7007 Level 1


            Thanks, yes, I know the OS landscape pretty well and what steps I would take when the LR databse switches over. The rest of my family are "Mac People". I am a professional photographer and my question focuses on the loss of a dedicated desktop for day-to-day editing and post-processing, depending instead on a laptop as the sole CPU. I already use an external RAID array connected by USB3 for the images and a 1TB SSD internal drive for other LR components/functions.


            I wonder if MBP units will ship with 1TB SSD? Knowing Apple that will require a trailer full of gold bullion.


            I also know that the external monitor options are more limited on the Mac side. So I am trying to guess where the monitor situation will go in March or whenever the newer MBP's arrive.


            Hmm, I feel like I am talking myself out of this idea...

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              jonathan+7007 Level 1

              ...although I spent an unproductive day today fixing issues only the fractured Windows world creates. So I am pretty committed to the switch back. I used Apple, then Mac gear, until 1993. Switched to Win 3.1. If I end up saving the time and expense of building a workstation I can afford a 1TB MacBookPro.

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                I think you would find Mac just as Fractured. Yearly OS upgrades, OS not supported after 3-4 years, Mac hardware unsupported after 4 years, new OS breaks older software and as it turns out Newer software. Apple broke the Nikon and Leica tethering when they came out with El Capitan.


                I ran a Mac for 2.5 years, late 2011 MBP bought December 2011 sold it mid 2014, and I will never own another Apple product.


                The only thing different on a Mac is the case style, shiny/flashy, Cost, higher for the same parts (Not Better Parts) and the OS. Along with that there is nothing in any currently available Mac notebook computers that the user can upgrade or even change out any parts in any way. Not even the batteries, they are glued into the case.


                Then do a search for graphics problems with Mac notebooks. You may find since 2008 Apple has had problems with discrete GPU failures.


                I still have a Dell i8200 bought January 2003 that runs just fine. When I bought the Mac in 2011 I also bought a new Dell notebook, Latitude E6420, for work (Company doesn't use or support Mac computers) which cost half as much, came with a 3 year warranty, next business day service, and I've used it everyday 8-10 hours a day at work without any failures of any kind.

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                  KR Seals Level 3

                  As a professional photographer, too, I'm using a new rMBP for travel, but in my studio, I'm still Win 7 pro on homebrew PC's. I have two nearly identical high end boxes. In case one fails, I can switch to the other and get the images to the client on time.

                  As much as I like the rMBP I would never be comfortable with one computer any more than I would show up for an assignment with one camera and one flash.

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                    Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Plenty of views... funny how people trash what they are not using ...


                    I've been a photographer for nearly 40 years.... and professionally for 30.

                    Today I am in Uganda but my home country is New Zealand....

                    At home I have hard drives with archives (Promise Pegasus) and a 27" Apple Screen ....

                    With me and all I use as computers after having many Desktops are a 2014 15" MBP which was the best at the time (retina) and a 2012 17" with matt screen which I love.. They are both i7 with SSD internals and 16GB ram.... the 2012 is a little slow but fine. Mostly I use the 15" and it travels everywhere in my backpack!! I have my catalog on a La Cie Thunderbolt 2TB drive (presets stored with catalog) and Images are on Toshiba 2TB USB3 drives.

                    I can plug in to either MBP and both get plugged in to the Display when I am at home via Thunderbolt....

                    My master catalog has 700k files and my working one 200k.... the working one with previews, presets, etc totals 207GB

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                      Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I run a Mac Book Pro retina as my only machine and it is extraordinary. Very fast and very reliable. The screen is really something to behold and something very hard to get in a Windows portable. I lug it everywhere to do editing in the field and I also use it to do my presentations and classes. At home I hook it to my RAID  that contains most of my images (similar size as Geoff) and a big wide gamut display and keyboard/mouse. I think this is quite an ideal setup that works well for me. I have noticed that this seems to be the preferred setup for most pro photographers these days. Some will have a dedicated editing rig with either a tricked out PC or a Mac Pro at home or in their studio in addition but often their MBPs are the workhorses. I did recently have a workshop student with a surface Pro which seemed to work OK albeit a bit awkward and the display quality did not seem to be very good at least in my eyes.

                      In addition to Lightroom, I also edit audio (audition) and video on this rig (Premiere) which I discovered is something I like doing since Adobe gave me a full CC subscription and of course I heavily run Photoshop.


                      These machines are very capable. They are not the very fastest you can get from others if you trick out some machines or build something yourself but they give a really nice balanced mix of features. I haven't found anything that wouldn't cost me way too much time to build up or to tweak that works this well.


                      just my 2 cents

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                        jonathan+7007 Level 1

                        James (may I call you James?" <grin>)

                        Thanks for the cautionary outlook. I don't like the soldered-in style of manufacture either, which is why I have liked my Lenovo w520 so much. All the storage options have been upgraded as well as the RAM, now up to 24Gig. I replaced the keyboard myself when something failed in its connecting harness. I was sad to learn that the radio -- although on a daughterboard -- cannot be swapped for the AC standard. No drivers... and there's the rub. For both systems.


                        I my ongoing hardware plan I might still use this as the tethering laptop for location shoots. I have the case, the rig, etc., all made. You'll see below that another response made me value more the redundancy I have been enjoying with my current setup.


                        A key goal for changes I make in 2016 is to reduce the time spent managing computer hdw/sftw problems. Same i7 in the two OS systems, probably. Apple is not computing nirvana. But will reductions in time coordinating different manufacturers' drivers, etc., be enough soft value to pay extra?


                        A question not yet answered. Again, thanks for the valuable input.

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                          jonathan+7007 Level 1

                          Really helpful reminder that as pros we offer redundancy and get-it-done attitude, systems, and tenacity. Why not leave my Ivy Bridge Win7 system in place as a back-up? Maybe new mobo? The super-conservative Intel mobo could be upgraded; its storage controller, for example, is too limited. Never go to Win10, to avoid that time sink. Time is the scarce resource for me right now, I believe. Good thought.


                          This was not a which-hardware-is-faster-in-Lightroom question, although I assumed that there would quickly be comments about MBP issues if that were the case.


                          Again, thank you.

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                            jonathan+7007 Level 1


                            Which monitor -- by the way you phrase it I assume it's not an Apple-brand unit. This has been one of the mysterious elements of the Apple landscape: connecting to other brands for ANY of the usual functions. A kind of low-level FUD that I know Cupertino fosters.

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                              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Just a typical NEC. Any monitor with displayport or HDMI will connect just fine. I've also used a surprisingly good ASUS PA wide gamut monitor. So you shouldn't worry about that. You can use any 3rd party keyboard, storage, mouse, monitor, printer, whatever that you want. I've never run into issues. Many people hook their Macs up to 4K displays nowadays and that works just fine with the most recent machines. My MBP is a few years old and it will only do 30Hz refresh on a 4K display, but it still works. The most recent ones will do 60Hz.

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                                jonathan+7007 Level 1

                                I like my 24" ASUS PA246 wider-gamut monitor. Used my Color Munki to tone it down... Did you decide the NEC did a better job than the ASUS? I'll focus on particular models when the MBPs arrive in, what? late Spring?

                                Your lack of monitor-choice hassle is good news.

                                Thanks, again,


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                                  Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  No just had a good deal. They are actually quite comparable in quality. I like the ASUS quite a bit (I have the 27" version) and still use it. Very good monitor. I had to force RGB mode on it in Mac OS X as my laptop kept recognizing it as a TV instead of a monitor. It worked fine either way and there is no visual difference but I am somewhat ... detail oriented ;-)

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                                    Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    PS, I would whether you do this let mostly depend on what you feel most comfortable working in. I am sure it won't take other manufacturers to release Skylake machines that long. Mac OS nowadays is a very different beast from 1993 and it is also very different from windows. I know a few folks that run windows on their Mac Book Pros because they like the hardware so much but are just more comfortable in windows. It might be a good idea to play with a Mac Book Pro for a bit.

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                                      jonathan+7007 Level 1

                                      I haven't done a *lot* of research yet as I have to wait until Apple provides the MBP alternative but Skylake also hasn't made it into the market in Lenovo's workstation laptop to replace what I've been using. The main difference I seek is the assurance that the next generation of MBP will continue to offer an integrated hardware and software environment even though it means less choice. The downside of the choices was the time hunting drivers, conflicts, etc. Apple not perfect but less of that time sink.


                                      Then I can compare pathways forward: Windows or OSwhatever.


                                      This thread opened my eyes to the idea that my existing desktop would still handle some Lightroom duties and provide a backup machine. This makes the decision easier, I think.


                                      On your other point, If I was to try to stick with tried-and-true Win7 in Parallels it might be a problem. I live in a rural area so probably can't arrange a chance to try out a MBpro. My wife uses a small Mac Book Air.



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                                        Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                        You can actually run windows straight on these machines. I would not recommend running a performance critical application in parallels.