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    WebHelp translation English to Spanish

    Tim D Morris Level 1

      We had a request today to translate our WebHelp from English to Spanish.  I'm open to any suggestions/recommendations on how to go about this (e.g., features RoboHelp might have, resources I should read, etc.).


      The customer who wants the translation also wants both the English and the Spanish versions, ideally with the option to switch between either version at any time using a hyperlink.


      Ideas?  Thanks!



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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          High level sketch only: Most shops doing localization (I’m not one of them) outsource their RH project files to a translator service, they then do the work & send you back the translated project. You could offer both flavs of output via merged WebHelp or incorporate it into a DUCC-styled WebHelp output – the user then selects the flav they want to see up front.

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            Willam van Weelden Level 5

            I'm not sure merged help will work correctly if you merge multiple languages. It will seriously upset the searching mechanism.


            DUCC will work, but you can also create two separate outputs. And then add a link in the TOC to the other language. Or add a button to the skin that will redirect to the other language. It does require that you know the (relative) path between the different languages. So step 1 is to figure out where you are going to publish the different languages so that you can link from one to the other.