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    Slow/unresponsive when opening files from certain locations


      Hi guys,


      New to the forum and relatively new to InDesign - just had a problem I hope you could help me with, our IT helpdesk isn't any help. I'm currently using ID CS5.5.


      I've received a bunch of files from our translators which I've been trying to edit.  Unfortunately, when trying to open the INDD or IDML files, InDesign will hang after running the "Importing" dialogue box.  It then becomes unresponsive, taking either a few minutes to respond and open the file, or not opening at all.


      Now I've tried opening the files from my network drive and personal drive, to no avail.  I did just recently discover that copying and opening an individual file from my desktop seems to work, but not if I copy a folder of files to my desktop.  So I may try a few more things now.


      Thank you for your time