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    Startup screen with new CC update

    pages from one indesign

      Adobe Discussion Community,

      I recently updated all of my Creative Cloud Adobe Applications and am having trouble (and finding information) with the new startup screen (see attached screen cap Sorry PDF, Tiff and Jpeg won't upload as file type not recognized by Adobe) and how (tutorial or other)  to access old and current documents.


      Example, I created an InDesign CC document yesterday, and today the document opens to a Black/gray screen with Recent, CC Libraries and Presets as well as a listed of the most recent documents I've created.  Issue is that only a select few will open and most of them open a Warning box stating "either the file does not exist, you do not have permission, or the file may be in use by another application."


      This is new to me.  please advise. 

      1     What is this new page? and

      2     How do I get rid of it?

      3     How do I access past documents?


      Thanks in advance.