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    ADE 4.5 won’t open any EPUB3 on Win10


      Since migrating to a computer running Windows 10 Pro, I cannot open any valid EPUB3 file with a toc nav element any more.

      If I remove epub:type="toc" from the nav, or in some cases if I remove the ol from the nav, I can open the EPUB. It will use the NCX instead and probably also use the EPUB2 renderer.

      I’m using ADE 4.5.126523. The effect I see is that ADE won’t display anything, will consume much CPU, and will never stop.

      I uninstalled and reinstalled ADE, to no avail.

      Has anybody else experienced the same thing?

      Here’s a sample file, but as I said, any EPUB3 with a toc nav will fail to open, at least on my computer.

      Dropbox - test.epub