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    ADE 4.5 won’t open any EPUB3 on Win10


      Since migrating to a computer running Windows 10 Pro, I cannot open any valid EPUB3 file with a toc nav element any more.

      If I remove epub:type="toc" from the nav, or in some cases if I remove the ol from the nav, I can open the EPUB. It will use the NCX instead and probably also use the EPUB2 renderer.

      I’m using ADE 4.5.126523. The effect I see is that ADE won’t display anything, will consume much CPU, and will never stop.

      I uninstalled and reinstalled ADE, to no avail.

      Has anybody else experienced the same thing?

      Here’s a sample file, but as I said, any EPUB3 with a toc nav will fail to open, at least on my computer.

      Dropbox - test.epub


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          I'm having the same problem. In my case, I export an epub3 file directly from Adobe InDesign. By default, the file opens in ADE on export. ADE spins (not responding, high CPU). I have to force quit. I didn't try removing the TOC. If I export the same InDesign doc as epub 2.0.1, it opens fine.


          I'm also on Win 10 pro. My ADE version is

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            Creative.Collab Level 1

            Having the exact same problem.


            Windows 10 Pro, ADE 4.5 and any ePUB 3 (tried several different files from different sources) cause ADE to go into "Not Responding" and I have to kill the task.


            I downloaded ADE 3.0 and tested that.  The files open but they're broken so there is clearly an issue with 4.5.


            Downloaded AZARDI and all the ePUB 3 files open without a hitch.


            This is clearly an issue with ADE that needs to get sorted out.

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              RogerOsborn Level 1

              Example in dropbox now gives an error 404, file not found

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                AtthisArts Level 1

                Any update on this? I have 2 Windows 10 Home edition computers with ADE installed. On one machine (a Desktop) -- ADE crashes with any epub3 document (if I remove the <ol> from the nav, it falls back to epub2 and displays, as described in the original post). On the second machine (a laptop), the epub3 document opens without any problems.


                So it appears there is a dependency on something outside of ADE.

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                  AtthisArts Level 1

                  OK -- I just got mine working. After my last reply, I found a note about how Digital Editions uses Internet Explorer for its rendering engine.


                  Here is what I did:

                  1. Opened Internet Explorer 11

                  2. Clicked the Gear Icon -> Internet Options

                  3. Under Advanced tab, click Reset... button at the bottom.

                  4. Clicked "Delete personal settings" checkbox, then "Reset"


                  After doing this, I restarted ADE and it opened the EPUB3 document without issue.


                  Hope this works for everyone else.

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