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    Multiple Output Images From Pixel Bender

    nojyfied Level 1
      After playing around with pixel bender for a while, It seems the maximum number of input images is two (for flash), and for photoshop(only one), and there can only be one output image.

      I was wondering whether it was possible to do 3D rendering by using depth buffers. Libraries like papervision3D, and others use techniques like z-sorting, or BSP Trees. Z-sorting copes badly with overlapping meshes, and BSP-Trees handles it well but is very processor intensive. Most graphics card nowadays use depth buffers to handle the problem efficiently, but only updating a pixel if its height is greater than the previously rendered pixel. They have the main buffer where the output is, and the depth buffer, where the pixel height is stored. Wondering if it was possible to write to two images in pixel bender, update the main image output, and the depth map at the same time.

      @pixelbender says something to do with Fan-Out in pixel bender graphs. I have totally no idea what that means. Do pbg's work in flash? If So how do i compile them?