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    Please Help: Adobe Muse: Page Not Found: File 'null' could not be found.


      This is my first time using Adobe Muse


      I have built a single page site.


      When attempting to preview my site in browser, the page loads then immediately goes to an error page that says -


      Page Not Found

      File 'null' could not be found.


      A common cause for this error is selecting 'Preview Page in Browser', then clicking on a link to another page.

      Use 'Preview Site in Browser' if you want to view all the pages of your site in the browser.


      I can hit the back button and then view my site fine.


      I thought this problem might go away when I uploaded the site, but it has not.


      The site is there but immediately wants to go to the above error "null" page.


      I can not work out why the site wants to go this null page when nothing is clicked for it to do so? its happening immediately on load.


      Can someone please help me - my site is ready for the client to view except for this problem.


      Kind Regards