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    Lightroom CC import is unable to display preview images and takes 30-50x as long as LR5 did at importing.


      Since upgrading to Lightroom CC, the import options are super buggy. Lightroom CC is unable to display preview images.
      In addition, CC takes a long time to import photos. Lightroom CC can import about 2 Raw photos in the same amount of time that LR5 could import 30-50.

      Listed below is a link to a photo of what my Lightroom CC looks like compared to Apple Photos (pictured on the right)
      As you can see Apple's photos instantly recognizes all 200 photos on the camera.
      Lightroom takes a while to even recognize that photos are present and provides no visual information.
      This screen capture was taken after Lightroom had a good 10-15 minutes to discover 60 gray boxes on the camera, but was unable to recognize and display thumbnails.

      Dropbox - Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.54.30 PM.png

      Things I have tried:
      I have deleted/reset all preferences.
      I deleted and reinstalled Lightroom CC.
      I also tried recalibrating my monitor (at someones suggestion)


      Gear I am using:

      Canon EOS 7D with its USB chord, which works.

      5K iMac running El Capitan 11.12.3