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    I receive the Oops This document could not be opened ... due to Digital Rights Managemen, and not authorized with my Adobe ID.  I have a Kobo GLO and recently had to get a new hard drive..  I have got this message ever since I got the new hard drive.   Is


      I was able to download and upload books to my eReader when I had my old hard drive.  It crashed a couple of months ago, and ever since I replaced it, I have received this Digital Rights Management message.  I have un-installed and re-installed Digital Editions, did a factory reset on the Kobo, and still getting this message.

      I've authorized and de-authorized the Digital Editions and the eReader many, many times, and still I get this message.

      I am able to put books on the eReader, and on the device, the titles come up with black book covers. Its when I click on the cover I get the message.

      I don't know if Digital Rights Management is somehow linked to a serial number on a hard drive or operating system serial number?


      Not sure what else to do.