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    Is there a display window and data window like in Nuke for after effects?

    tavmed Level 1

      Not sure the best way to word this but here it goes.  I am wondering if there is a comparable feature in After Effects to what Nuke calls the "display window" and data window".  I will do my best to explain my issue.  I am hopping back and forth between Nuke and After Effects.  I have been using After Effects extensively since version 6.5 going back to 2005 or 2006.  I have been tinkering with Nuke for years now but now am determined to get proficient in it.  One of the features I noticed Nuke has that seems to be missing in After Effects is the "Display bounding box/window" that appears as a white, dotted line around an image in the display window. 


      Right now I am working on a show that is using anamorphic linear exr files with a deliverable resolution of 2158x2272.  There is a 233 pixel pad/matte top and bottom so the image is actually 2158x1806.  If I open one of these files/shots in Nuke, I get the image, 2158x1806 in the display window with a dotted white line around it that inside the read node's Metadata tab, Nuke calls the "exr/data window".  This is floating in a solid white box that defines the full resolution of the shot (2158x2272) which encompasses the 233 pixel black padding top and bottom.  The anamorphic 2:1 "squeeze" automatically" fits the image into the 2158x1806 display window and leaves the remaining 466 pixels top and bottom as black and calls this full resolution outline the "display window" in the metadata tab of the read node.  Nuke reads the exr metadata and does the anamorphic squeeze for you. 


      If I open the same file in After Effects CC, it will not read the exr metadata so it does not apply an anamorphic squeeze and it stretches the 2158x1806 image to fit the full 2158x2272 resolution area.  I would have to shrink the image to 79.5% on the Y axis to get it to it's proper aspect ratio.  After Effects 2014 and 2015 WILL read the metadata and do the squeeze automatically BUT when you render, it renders the black bars on top and bottom, baking it into the file.  If that file is read into Nuke, it will open fine but there will no longer be a data window around the image because the entire image is defined by both the 2158x1806 and the 466 pixels of padding.  If I render from Nuke, It does NOT render the black padding but stretches the 2158x1806 image in the "data window" to fit a 2158x2272 defined as the "display window" file size which again gets squeezed to a 2:1 aspect ratio when it is read back into Nuke.


      This is exhausting to write so I will be surprised if anyone makes it all the way through this.  Since I have work to do I will leave this here in the hopes I may have given enough information for someone to recognize this situation.  I am hoping I am missing one little thing to get After Effects to read and write these files the same way Nuke does.  I am new to the exr world.  I have always used DPXs in LOG.  So working with linear files on top of them being EXRs is a little weird too.  Thanks for reading if you make it all the way through this, I hope it makes any sense at all.