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    How do I upload a video to vimeo with Premier Elements 9

    Moti Level 1

      The 5 minute musical video of my grandson singing 'Oh Holy Night' was imported from his iPad.


      I have spent long hours with the adobe premier elements tutorial in the Vimeo Video School and others in the Help Centre I know the settings in NTSC is different to the PAL settings which I use in Australia. When using PAL and Windows Media 9 settings the H264 Video codec and AAC, 44100 Hz are not in the drop down choice window which seems to be for Mac settings.  As I have Windows 7 and Adobe Premier Elements 9 the settings I have chosen proved to be too small at  199KB:


      Windows Media 9

      - Encoding Passes 2

      - Bitrate mode Constant

      - Frame Width & Height 1280 x 720

      - Frame Rate (fps) 29.97

      - Pixel Aspect SP (1.0)


      Bitrate settings 5,000 Kbps



      - Bitrate settings

      Encoding Passes 2

      Bitrate mode Constant

      - Basic Audio Settings

      Codec Windows Media 9.2

      Audio Format 12 Kbps, 8 kHz, Stereo CBR.