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    Creating URL for a specific section of the Flash site

    nikolaig Level 1

      I would like to find out if there is a specific code snippet I can use to make a specific section of the flash site come up when QR code is scanned.

      Basically I have an entire site done a while ago and now my client wants QR created just for one specific section.


      Here is my set up:

      I am working in Flash CS5.

      I have existing site 888acolyte.com

      I need to create a separate "how to" page to which QR code will point out.

      My initial idea was to go back to the original layout and delete all the sections on the time line, leaving the "how to" only and then upload this minisite version with a separate URL.

      Then I realized that I will limit the site experience to only this section and if a user would like to visit other sections they will not be able to.


      Here is my question:

      Is there a code snippet which will allow me to make section "how to" (currently frames 23-30) to come up as first visuals on the screen even if it is once on side being loaded?


      My best bet is to rearrange my timeline and just move frames 23-30 to the front of the time line? (Kind of don't want to do that as future updates will requite to update two mirror sites)

      My site set is done this way:

      I have main site as a movie clip titled "mainsite_mc"

      This movie clip is being loaded by a loader.

      Inside "mainsite_mc" there is a framed time line with a few different sections.

      Each section is not a movie clip but a combination of movie clips arranged on the framed timeline.

      Each section takes up about 5-10 frames.

      Basically my client wants to have an QR code which leads directly to one of the sections.

      As I understand since the flash site is one self contained file it is impossible. Or with proper AS anything possible?