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    Screen Reader/508 Compliance  - Robohelp

    FTBGuy Level 1
      Hello Fellow Robohelpers!

      I wanted to see if any of you great minds could assist me with a pending issue.

      I need to verify with my client that RH truly is "508" compliant. They would like to know how to:

      - ensure that the text size changes in RH when you change the font size for your browser (smallest to largest) - currently, RH text does not change in size

      - how do you tab away from 'drop lists' or 'pop-ups' in RH without using a mouse

      Apparently, there are other 508 complianec requirements as well too. I did review the documentation Adobe provides, but it does not provide specific keystrokes to verify their allegations/proof.

      Hope you can help or direct me where I can find such useful information!

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          Ben Minson Level 2
          In HTML at least, changing font sizes in the browser has more to do with the styles than with RH's 508 compliance. Current standards are to style text using percentages rather than fixed point or pixel values for sizes. So this is up to the help author rather than being something RH will manage automatically. Apparently, browsers contain settings that allow the viewer to override text and color settings (see this W3C page). But its nice to not force them to do that.

          When it comes to resizing text on skins or in the HTML Help interface, someone else would have to comment on that, as well as the rest of your question.

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            FTBGuy Level 1
            Thanks Ben! I am researching the matter as we speak. So is it fairly easy to incorporate "percentage" based sizes on a style sheet? I have fairly limited knowledge of style sheets, and within RH, it allows you to pick specific sizes only.

            If you have any insight into creating percentage based sizing in style sheets, that would be awesome! It's sad that I'm to be the resident expert of RH, and these detailed matters baffle me!

            Thanks now mate!
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              Ben Minson Level 2
              In the Styles > Font dialog for a particular style, you can enter values instead of just choosing them. For one of your styles, try entering 100% in the field above the list of font sizes to apply it to the style. You may have to do some experimentation to get different styles to show at the right sizes--some, like headings, you'd specify something over 100%.
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                hermi14 Level 1
                Hello. I have two questions

                (1) I generated Webhelp output with the 508 and the WW3 boxes checked. My first observation is that the tables are not 508 compliant b/c they do not use the TH tag to associate headers with table cells. Does anyone have anything to say about this (ignore it, work around it, etc)?

                (See http://www.webaim.org/techniques/tables/data.php# for more information.)

                (2) I'm considering using Adobe PDFs as the "compliant" version...has anyone had experience with this?