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    RH8 Demo - the right product for me?

      I've been charged with the task of creating an e-manual of company procedures, processes, etc., which has led me to download a trial version or RH8. In tinkering with the program it looks promising, but a few issues perhaps someone can help me with:

      1. It seems that I will be able to create a .chm file for distribution to staff, which will contain all of the information in a formatted and linked manner - is it as simple as that? Will users require any special app for viewing?

      2. When opening a .chm file created using the demo files included in the trial version of RH8, the help dialog opens up but displays the error "this program cannot display the web page". Is this because I'm working with a trial version, or should this work (maybe I have more learning to do to figure out the RH program)?

      Thanks in advance.