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    Can't export project




      I have a problem with exporting a specific project. Exporting works fine with other projects. When I go to export and click "render" it starts rendering, but stays at 0%. no errors whatsoever. What could be the problem here? Orange line below timeline indicator.

      Could it be becouse I moved project media files to another folder? I returned them to their original path later and the program seems to "see" them again just fine.



      Windows 7/32-bit/Premiere elements 14

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Which Export & Share template are you using? What happens if you try the Quick Export?


          What processor are you running and with how much RAM? How much free, clean, freshly defragmented space is on your computer's hard drive?


          What model of camcorder is your original footage coming from and what format is it? How long is your video project? Can you output from a shortened version (5 minutes, say?) of this project?

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            gediminassmaizys Level 1

            Hi, same happens with quick export. Intel core i7 2.80 Ghz 70GB of free space. i tried all templates+ custom ones, same thing. The only thing i'm able to export is jpg's.  My footage is several hundred jpg's, so it's quite long. I tried exporting only part of it, that is one jpg+ audio, still no difference. Everything was fine yesterday, today i moved the files as I mentioned and this problem occured.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Have you resized all of the photos you're using in your project to no larger than 2000x1500 pixels (72 ppi)? Using oversized photos -- particularly in a larger project -- is the chief reason the program chokes.


              You still don't say how long your project is -- at least nothing beyond "quite long". The more specifics you give us, the more likely we can help you.


              Do a Save As and save a copy of your project. Throw away all but five minutes of your copy, and make sure all of the photos in it are no larger than 2000x1500 pixels in size.


              I also recommend in my books that you only use WAVs as audio sources in your projects. MP3s add another layer of challenge for the program.


              70 gigs free is pretty tight space for such a large project. That doesn't leave a lot of space to account for fragmented and temp files, which can keep the program from grabbing large chunks of virtual space. When did you last run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter on your drive?

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                gediminassmaizys Level 1

                jpg's are all 960x720 96 pdi. So far there's around 170 of them spanning to about and hour in the timeline. There's also about 100 .mp3's and there's plans to add more. I did as you said, deleted all files, left 5 mintutes of the project, saved as, tried rendering and it worked! It took a few seconds to start, but it worked. I realise now that the size of the project is the problem here, correct? Especially the mp3's and the quantity of them. Though it seems strange to me that when I started all of this didn't seem to bother it rendered just fine. Maybe I used up a lot of virtual space/memory later on? My system isn't very strong, I only started working with it a few days ago, I haven't done any disk clean ups or fragmenting yet,  and I'm not sure about that yet.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Assuming you're on a reasonably powered computer with lots of free space on the hard drive, the program should be able to put out an hour's worth of those low-resolution photos.


                  So I'd try first replacing those MP3s with WAV files. That may be all you need.


                  You can convert MP3s to WAVs using the free download Audacity.