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    How to?: Input form for data with many individual lines

      Hi there,

      I'm working on a database project using the PHP wizard and mySQL. Things are going along well but I have a question about how to set up particular type of input form.

      I have a record that someone's name and some related information. This easily goes into a table in my database into one row. This person though may have a listing of dozens and dozens of URLs associated with them. I'm not sure the best way to set up the form so that the user can easily input all these URLs.

      Ultimately, each URL will end up as a row in a table devoted to storing these addresses. Each URL will be on it's own row with a unique identifier.

      Should I use a separate, single line input field for each URL to go into? But if I do, I don't know exactly how many URLs may be input...there could be hundreds and having the user tab to each one, then copy/paste a single line into the text input could get long and tedious.

      What I'd like to do is have a field where the end user could copy an entire block of hundreds of URLs into it, and when it's time to save the information to the database, my Flex app can write each individual line in the text area into a row in my database. Is this feasible and is there Flex code that would allow me to extract "line 1 of text area" then "line 2 of text area", etc. until there are no more lines.

      I'm coming from Lingo/Director where this is easy but I'm not sure how to do it yet in Flex.

      Any advice is appreciated.