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    Text disappears randomly while editing


      InDesign CC 2015 on PC using Windows 7 Professional Text disappears then reappears when cursor clicks onto pasteboard. Any ideas

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Does this happen when the View > Display Performance  is set to High Quality Display only? or also in Typical Display?


          A colleague described a similar problem a while back to me, and her document used Anchored Objects, and had Optical Margins enabled for the text frames, and from memory the issue was less severe when for Typical Display performance, and it might have even disappeared completely when the Optical Margins were disabled.


          I have no idea if your document meets the above formatting, but if it does it might be worth a try.

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            gails82656342 Level 1

            Thanks for reply Cari, I've tried  everything including your suggestions, e.g. reset prefs, reinstalled fonts, different Keyboard, different user login etc etc . I've even reinstalled Adobe suite on a new PC. Still happening. After much discussion with colleagues who are all having the same problem we now suspect its more an operating thing, as the combination of ctrl, shift, alt triggers the disappearing text. I am gonna use the menu instead of shortcuts for a few days to see how I go.


            Thanks again