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    Which Adobe partner Dubai?


      I have been told that in order to download iCloud I need to go through an Adobe partner in the UAE. I am based in Dubai and I have been sent a link to a list of all their partners in this area. Can anyone recommend a good one? Also why do I have to go through a partner and what is the benefit of this?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, iCloud is an Apple product... do you mean Adobe Creative Cloud?


          Since Adobe does not directly sell in every country in the world, you have to use a reseller

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            amyw29982716 Level 1

            Yes sorry I did mean Creative Cloud.


            I have spoken to one of the resellers out here and as I want this for personal use he has told me that I should be able to download it directly, however Adobe won't accept my credit card payment. I have tried to use both mine, and my husband's card and it won't go through. The suggestions I have had from Adobe are that it could be something to do with the address the cards are registered to as it is a business address. We lived in a hotel for 4 months when moving to the UAE so had to use my husband's business address for our bank account.


            Does anyone have any suggestions? this is so frustrating as all I want to do is give Adobe my money!

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              Del Z Level 4

              Hi Amyw29982716,


              I apologize for the frustrating experience!


              I suspect the issue is related to a mismatch in your registered information. To complete the purchase of an Adobe product, your Adobe ID, your billing address and the store of purchase must all originate from the same country. If the billing address for your credit card is in Dubai, you will have to purchase from a local reseller, making sure your Adobe ID likewise matches. If necessary you can change the country associated with your Adobe ID. More information is located here: Countries and Languages FAQ: How do I change the country associated with my Adobe ID?


              In case you have further questions about purchasing Creative Cloud, I am moving this discussion to the Adobe Creative Cloud forum.